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to the bay area. reggie kumar is at sfo. >>reggie: of the president is running about an hour late. this is where air force one is expected to arrive. take a look at his schedule. in will be in open for three different fund-raisers. crafted the he will be attending a private dinner, $35,000 a plate and then he will have to the xbox theater. this is the third visit to the bay area and just two months. he is expected to arrive in about 50 minutes. >> as he mentioned the president is making a rare visit to oklahoma area >> and sold out obama fund- raiser at the fox theater. monday's event in oakland will be his first public appearance in oakland. the president campaigned here three times in 2007. >> security will be very tight. for >> the price it will also attend to a fund-raiser for pfft half's >> it has been a court is weekend but a lot of sunshine. today highs that into the seventies by the bay, 70's for oakland and hayward, made '80s for the south bay. temperatures dropped 10-15 degrees close to the bay. tomorrow temperatures will be a couple of degrees cooler because of the fog.
at 4 >>pam: and reggie kumar as live in services appeared to block but back after this standards as the mom what independent state mentor. when >> it is exciting how people fought for alfred fifth. >> i like the fireworks. >> fire roof will be set off from a barge in the bay. >>pam: our team coverage continues in marin county live at the county fair for. thoughtful of the >> there are a lot of people here. take a look at this crowd. about a half an hour ago the temptations started playing. traffic on 101 has been backed up correct. here is video from a while ago. " " this is the line to get into security. in the middle of the lagoon is the bart. >>pam: dan has the latest on the fireworks concert going on now. >>daniel: everyone has set up. people have started clean air spaces all along. >>pam: any idea how many people are out there? >> park officials told me they are allowing 10,000 people. >> is started today with a pool party. a red swimming, music and food. >>pam: the fireworks show there will be live tonight. what is the forecast? >>jaqueline: earlier we were looking at this
again. kron 4's reggie kumar is live where a home was broken into and he tells us about the advice authorities are giving people there. >> reporter: a home here recently ran sacked by thieves and police are encouraging residents to lock up before they leave. >> reporter: palo alto authorities say they are getting into the homes through unlocked windows and doors. you can see the garages were leftome -- open -- left open. the city is safe but people are forgetting to lock up. she lives on the street where burglars snuck into a home. >> people relax after a while but you can't because the rate tends to go up when the economy is bad. we have an alarm that we leave on. >> reporter: police say most of the break ins are happening in the northern part of the city. this is a map of the area. authorities have stepped up patrols during the afternoon hours when homeowners are at work. residents need to do their part as well. >> summer time, we know it is warm and nice out, but you have to make sure you secure your residents when you leave. >> reporter: a man was arrested for burgslerrizing a
-bones resources. reggie kumar tells us what fire officials had to do. >> reporter: the vallejo fire department had to use all of its resource, five enemies and a truck to battle these -- five engines and a truck to battle these fires which ripped through the vallejo music academy. 20 minutes later, another fire was sparked at this strip mall in the storage area of peace baptist church on sonoma boulevard. it quickly spread. fire officials could only send one engine with three firefighters to fight the fire and called for mutual aid from other cities. they were still trying to put out the other fire. if the other fire went to three or four alarms, they might have had to let the other fire burn. >> that is a possibility. but we'll do whatever we can. like we did in this instance and divert engine companies and we'll utilize our resources the best they can be. there's decisions that have to be made. and what we're given at-hand, and what we have as far as our resources, that's what we're going to work with. could it have been worse? definitely. >> reporter: fire investigators say the fire that burned
and it is made on the other side of the country. kron 4's reggie kumar explains the development. >> reporter: wilfredo ruano reyes was found in north carolina. there was a $5 million arrest warrant issued for him. when authorities went to arrest him he tried to escape but they persuaded him to give himself up. they believe he played a role in the murders of the bologna family. the district attorney is in the process of bringing him back to san francisco where he will face three counts of murder. another one was arrested for harboring a fugitive and cocaine position. detectives found a gun inside the residents where they were living. in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >>> convicted murderer edward ramos maintained his innocence and said his accomplice wilfredo ruano reyes pulled the trigger that night. tonight the attorney for edward ramos said she already requested an appeal for her client and she explains why authorities could have arrested him years ago but they failed to do so. >> our investigator found out he was living in south carolina, getting money sent to him, maintaining
be investigated. reggie kumar kron 4 news. >>> cal states are among 10-23 universities it will accept admissions for the spring 2013. they accepted 18,000 transfer students however budget cuts are forcing administrators to accept fewer students this year. only students who earned an associate degree from a california community college will be able to apply. the campuses which will accept applications for students are channel islands, chico, fullerton, east bay, humboldt, los angeles, destroy, sonoma and san francisco. >>> after a day of examination the crews don't know what caused a roller coaster to stall on sunday at six flags discovery kingdom. a dozen people were stuck at the top of the ride for an hour. as kron 4's kate thompson reports, workers are expected to continue testing the ride to figure out what went wrong. >>> there is nothing mechanically wrong so what went wrong leaving a dozen people stuck 150 feet in the air? >> we don't have an answer right now of what that is. >> reporter: six flags discovery kingdom says it has maintenance crews looking that computer systems and performing
about 815 reggie kumar was there for the arrival. >>reporter:airforce one i arrived about one hour late. spending extra time in aurora, colorado. security was tight. once the president made its final turn the commander in chief exited and he waved. you walked down the stairs to his motorcade. he will spend sunday night in the san francisco his first event will be monday in reno, nev. word he will speak to the veterans of foreign wars. reggie kumar, kron 4. >> while the president is in the bay iraq he will take a visit to oakland. while he is--year he will take a visit to oakland. >> this sold hope fund- raiser at the fox theater. it will be his first experience in oakland in a while however he did campaign here when he was a candidate. >> i think it is great. >> security will be extremely tight for the monday afternoon fund- raiser. the secret service past surrounding businesses to shut down early. this will be shot at 1:00 p.m. and this also will close at 2:30. we might miss some red revenue/business but i think it is worth it. --i think that. >> parking will not be allowed during the
us rather than alienate us. but >>vicki: the president arrived a run on a 3:00 p.m.. reggie kumar was there for the arrival. >>reggie: air force one landed at sfo about an hour late. before arriving in the bay area the president spent extra time with the victims of the movie theater message. security at sfo was extremely tight. but snipers stood on top of buildings. when the president's plane made its final turn and stopped the commander-in- chief exited and waved before walking down the stairs to his a waiting motorcade. the president will spend sunday night in san francisco. his first event is at reno nevada. >>vicki: mitt romney is also here in the bay area. at one private event he charged $50,000 a plate. >>jan: protesters gathered outside of mitt romney is first fund-raising event on sunday, a luncheon in as woodside never did. the fund-raiser reportedly came the $50,000 per person price tag. >> we're here to let people know it for you are. clouds-at the fairmont hotel some are anxiously of reading his arrival. as 6:30 p.m. he was expected at a private intimate dinner at home
. the boy is recovering. christian chapelle was taken into custody in pittsburgh. reggie kumar joins us now. >> reporter: richmond police say christian chapelle unintentionally shot arturo franco. he was aiming for a guy driving a car. the younger victim had just left his school and was walking home with his mother and sibling when is chapelle started shooting. arturo and his family were just steps away from their home when the boy was hit. investigators were able to locate and arrest the alleged gunman through tips they received from the community. >> we had some call-ins from citizens in the area that provided his name, and our detectives did followup, and that's how they were able to identify him and locate him. he's on probation for previous weapons charges. at the time of his arrest, he had had an outstanding arrest warrant. >> reporter: authorities say chapelle is not cooperating with the investigation. >> there's no information indicating that it was any gang violent. we're still working on the investigation, trying to get as much info from the public and anybody else who might have
. it happened during the last race of the evening. kron4's reggie kumar is live at the track tonight. >> reporter: this is the track where the jockey was killed. now, the accident happened close to the wall, so it was difficult for spectators to see the accident. take a look at this race video. this is where it happened. the arrow indicates where herrera and his horse were located at the ras track -- race track. the horse's head leans over, and herrera falls off. officials are examining this video closely. it's difficult to see the exact details because of the trees, they say. april mitchell tells us herrera had not been racing long. >> he's been a fairly recent jockey. it looks like he's run about 1,000 races. he's 33, so he's probably been in it for a couple years. and i know that he is from mexico. >> reporter: the last racing death happened in 1975, and mitchell tells me that racing will resume tomorrow. >>> a new development in the "speed freak killers" case. california law makers passed a bill which could allow this convicted killer out of san quentin for the purpose of finding
's eve. reggie kumar was at the hearing and is live at city hall with details. >> reporter: eliana lopez was questioned by the city attorney here at city hall for about two hours. she kept clarifying and contradicting past statements she made before and after the incident. she was asked repeatedly by the deputy city attorney about another domestic violence incident she had with her husband in march, 2011. she said she was referring to past marriage problems with her husband and didn't want to lose custody of their son. lopez said neighbor, ivory madison, recorded the video to ruin her husband's future. >> i said is this the second time this is happening, and i was referring to our fight. the moment when i started to cry is when i taught about theo. that is the point that made me cry in the video, when i said he can take away theo from me. we had a long conversation, and he told me that he will fight to gain custody. and he would use being american. and divorces are not happy and not easy. and when you talk about that, usually you are angry. >> you said you turned to ivory madison in this
is giving him a warm welcome. reggie kumar is standing by live. >>reggie: this is as close as protesters can get. there are even more barricades even further down on telegraph avenue. are some obama supporters and mixed in with some anti obama people who do not support the president's plan. take a look at this video. this is what it looked like earlier today. these are marijuana's supporters protesting bifurcate the crackdown on cannabis clubs. they held signs demanding that the president use restrictions on the medical marijuana community and oakland dispensaries. undocumented students have also been protesting. they want to dream act passed even of the president announced his administration to stop deporting some, they want some more to be done. >> obama promised in june and he would not deport any more the we see that people are being deported. >> those who do not support the president's policies led to protests most of the night. there's also a heavy police presence here. if you take a look beyond the barricade, you can see how many offices are located here in this corner of telegraph av
. >>> in the bay area, one east bay community is struggling to deal with firefighter cutbacks. reggie kumar joins us live from antioch. >> reporter: this fire station frequently sends up to 5 units to east contra costa fire calls. but that will soon change. county fire will soon only send up to 3 units to help east contra costa fire. the fire chief says they have limited resources and residents who live in this county need to be given priority. the chief says from july 1st of this year through the 9th, they responded at least 18 times to assist the east fire district compared to just six times during the same period last year. east contra costa fire has relied on the county since july 1st when three of its six fire stations were closed due to budget cuts. east contra costa fire chief said he knew this was coming. >> i understand what the chief has to do and the agency. everybody wants to help everybody else, but you also have to be able to have resources in your own area. for the month of july, we're running busier than normal, averaging 19 calls a day right now. >> reporter: they will cap their
: in richmond, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> kron 4's maureen continues our team coverage now. she shows us the preparations already underway for the big show in san francisco tomorrow night. >> reporter: we're watching the crew handle the explosive devices due to be set off here on the 4th of july. each one is being lowered into these big black tubes you see, held in place by wooden racks. the crew has to handle these devices gently, carefully lowering them by their fuses, because if one is dropped, the impact could cause them to go off. one crew member told me your life is literally in your hands when you're handling these fireworks. while these devices all look very similar now, they'll look very different when they burst into the air. you can get an idea what they look like from the labels on their packages. once the bombs are loaded into the guns, the fuses are wired up to these firing modules. they'll be set off from a remote location. and when they do, the fireworks will be shot high into the air. there are several different sizes of guns out here. the bigger the diameter of the gun
celebrations wrapped up a few minutes ago. reggie kumar was right in the middle of it all. >> reporter: well, the show was amazing. the fireworks were synchronized to patriotic music. the big question now is when all these people can make it home. >> reporter: thousands waited for hours to see fireworks light up san francisco bay. those who decided to brave the large crowds at the last minute grabbed the first open spot they found like these ladies. >> it's pretty hectic, there's a lot of people on the streets. i was told it was even crazier earlier. we're lucky to have seats. >> reporter: some who camped out told me independence day means a lot to those who have served our country. >> united states marine corps. i love my freedom , i love serving my country. >> reporter: shathey bullock has been coming here most of her life to watch the show. >> it's just exciting to, you know, for how people fought for our freedom, and we're just out here enjoying it. >> reporter: right now it is gridlock among the embarcadero, we're on the pier 39 parking structure. behind me these cars have been waiting
guessed, san francisco saw the biggest jump of all. reggie kumar tells us why many tenants are being forced to pay more. >> reporter: according to feel fact, the average -- real fact, the average rent in san francisco spiked about 13%. in east bay cities like oakland, rent also increased by double digits, more than 14% or $8,935 a month. and in san jose, it's just over 10%. residents there are paying $1,800 a month. landlords are charging more because the economy has slightly improved and people who lost their homes during the housing crisis now have to rent. >> there was a lot of foreclosures and short sales where people had to sell their homes. they are homeowner who is have to rent now. i had a couple who was renting in fremont, and they realized they could buy a home right now, and their mortgage payment was $1,300 versus the $1,500 they were paying over there. so yeah, with a little bit of savings, you can definitely get into a place. and they're happy. >>> temperatures were warmer today as we expected. right now, continues are so mild in the in-- conditions are so mild in the i
of time last year. reggie kumar is live in fremont with more on what people are doing to keep themselves safe. dvina >> as of all homes in the fall in the neighborhood behind me have been burglarized. one homeowner says he refuses to become a victim again. he purchased a surveillance system. some >> this homeowners says thieves ransacked his residence months ago. he found his front door open hand-in. he said that the fields also smashed the front window in the back patio doors. these are pictures of the damage. he says the burglars did all of this in less than one minute, before the alarm sounded. >> they stole three laptops. me, my wife and my son, a couple of cameras, a backpacked the. >> he says police dusted for fingerprints could did not find any. as far as he knows investigators never caught the burglars. he does not want to become the victim again so he install surveillance cameras outside of his home. every time someone is on his property is alerted through e-mail. >> fremont police say many bay area cities are seeing an increase in burglaries the and there are encouraging reside
this argument that could have started on the line at this ended with a stabbing. reggie kumar says that this teenage suspect is booked on attempted murder. >> contra costa saying that the 17 year-old and a 20 year-old our friends and live just 2 mi. from each other. the teenage suspect and victim were planning videos online against each other before they victim's mother heard somebody walked into her home. >> he told me to get out and had a gun and i thought they were fist fighting and he was stepping my son. i do not know what it was about. for this kid to go that far is really disturbing report, he was air lifted to the hospital in walnut creek. they found him near his home he tried to run but was caught. authorities will not release his name because he is a minor. the motive is still being investigated. reggie kumar, kron 4. >> 4:01 something that could impact your traffic. >> yes there is something that we do not see that often. in the traffic center if we could see those maps westbound before mountain house park where there is a big rig accident. it is so surprising because a
grandmother. reggie kumar, kron4 news. >>catherine: in the state fire station is open, the vallejo fire chief spoke with haaziq madyun about how the move will improve the emergency response times. >>haaziq: checking the gear on this fire truck, making sure it is ready to go. now that vallejo fire station no. 5 is best in service after being shut down two years ago at the weight of the city's filing for bankruptcy. >> we are going to be able to make a difference, much quicker. >>haaziq: the vallejo police chief officer talked about what it means to residents. >> this is a very busy district. we will be able to get to people within 4-6 minutes. it is quite a big difference from the 7-11 minutes that we were challenged with. >> a grand will allow the city to put nine vallejo firefighters back in uniform, the good news according to this restaurant -- according to this resident. >> when we first moved in this neighborhood, the fire station closed, that is never right here. i was very happy to hear that it opened again. >>catherine: it is not all good news for east bay fire departments, coming at 6
there hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. reggie kumar is live in san jose. >>reggie: is wrapping out, things wrapped up minutes ago. there were five ladies named to the u.s. gymnastics olympic team's theory if those names will not be released until 11:00 p.m.. you can see how many people are out here. a sign of the ticket windows of the death. sold out. fan festas where people can learn about all of the gymnasts and what some of the competition. there is also food in the olympic information booths. these girls are jim ness hit themselves. >> we are back out here alive. fanfares is still under way. i am told that some of the u.s. men's gymnastics team is out here reading some of the fans. >> about two dozen new laws went into effect from protective car buyers to encouraging seniors need healthy. da lin has been talking about these new laws. >> they are trying to do a better job protecting kids from getting the lead. implemented to new laws doing just that. believe victims will get priority for school transfers. teachers and educators will get new trading in that preve
mateo. reggie kumar tells us why the chp is searching for a suspect. >>reggie: the deadly crash happened here. the chp says a driver left behind his pickup in the fast lane. the 29 year old was a passenger in his crumpled up silver lost a. the 30 year-old driver also had major head injuries and was taken to stanford university hospital. his condition is not known. investigators say the white pickup may have had mechanical problems. the drivers in at least three other vehicles did not have time to react before hitting the pick up. you can see how this dark car slammed into the rear end of this band. some of the occupants are standing near their damaged cars. with chp is still searching for the driver of the pickup. investigators still did not know of drugs or alcohol played a role. >>vicki: authorities are asking for help in identifying a man who fell from an overpass. he fell off of interstate 280. he has no identification and remains unconscious. hospital officials say he is a hispanic man in his late 20s. 5 ft. 4 in., 120 lbs.. anyone who recognizes the man is being asked to call san f
39 with a cruise will be said in a mall. that is where we can find reggie kumar live. we are now less than 3 1/2 hours away from blastoff. >> that is right. the big show is what everyone is waiting on. take a look at the thousands of people better showing up. this is a different vantage point. this is from above the crowd. you can see how many people have gathered here. he can see all of them in here all the screaming behind thick. i did talk to several residents who are excited about the fireworks show, but one man does not care about the fireworks serious >> i am not here to see the fireworks. i just want to be in san francisco and see the boats into the people and is joined the date. flickr, " >> there will be bands performing throughout the night, and abc and is about ready to take the stage right now at pier 39. the fireworks show starts at 9:03 p.m.. fireworks will be set off from a barge in the bay. >>pam: our team coverage of tonight's fireworks most to bring county. people are already out having fun. >>charles: from right now i'm at the marin county fairgrounds. there are som
intensifiers within minutes of each other. this city continues emerging from bankruptcy, a reggie kumar tells us what fire officials had to do. >> the fires are just before 2:00 a.m. on wednesday morning. the fire quickly spread. firefighters said just one engine to battle the fire. the city declared bankruptcy and before that have eight engines. they had had to let the strike continue running into a mutual aid arrived. the >>caller: we will do whatever we can like we deserved in this instance and divert engine companies and utilize our resources. there are decisions that have to be made. what we are given at hand in what we have as far as our resources is will we will work with. could it have been worse? definitely. >> fire investigators say the fire that burned his vacant building looked suspicious ian that the blaze at the store mall may have been as hard by a faulty water heater. >>pam: a deadly blaze at an apartment building least one person dead. this is home video captured by eight tourists. this shows you the wall of flames morning from this three story apartment building. this was at
and one of her children were hurt. reggie kumar says the 21 year-old driver has been booked on reckless driving charges. >> the collision happened right here. fremont police say the driver is from union city, he tried to make it turn onto north fremont but was going too fast get jumped this qr. he hit a mother and her one- year-old daughter who was in a stroller. authorities say before the accident he and another driver were racing in got into an argument. they both continued racing but police say the other driver decided to slow down. police say he kept: the loss control at the intersection. this man says the suspect is a regular customer at his store. >> my main concern was obviously for the human life but most importantly the baby. when i saw the stroller, i was really scared. >>jaqueline: it temperatures in the upper seventies, 80 degrees in fairfield. 81 in napa. '60s and '70s for the beach shorts. a live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza, a little bit of high clouded is coming from the south. >>catherine: still ahead a downtown san francisco stabbing leads to a trees in the d
there have been 20 burglaries. police are very concerned. reggie kumar tells us about the advice they're giving us. if >> and home was recently burglarize on dame ave. foul also police say the break-ins are happening in the northern part of the city in broad daylight the thieves target for the home usually when a homeowner is at work or not at home. they say that thieves are getting into some of the windows and doors. these homeowners left their rosh oakland. the homeless also burglarized here on hamilton ave. the thieves usually ransacked the home to steal a electronics, money and jewelry. a resident who lives in the some did not want to go on camera could says that a lamp with she had just purchased was left on the scorched and it was stolen. >> we are in the process of putting a plan together. there will be a combination of different efforts. we just want to put the message back out there it is summertime. you have to make sure the security residents when you leave for the day. >> a man who had broken into the home and night of the occupants were asleep was just arrested but police
been made on the other side of the country. reggie kumar explains. >>reggie: this man was arrested in north carolina. the san francisco d.a.'s office at the hall of justice says there was a $5 million rests warrants issued gas guns says there are one step closer to bringing the individual to justice for this heinous crimes. the d.a.'s office is working on sending him back to san francisco. he was arrested for harboring a fugitive in possession of cocaine. >>pam: three days after the plan for high-speed rail pass, the governor fired back on those questioning the plan. he said, the money is there. >> we have the project to go forward. when linkedin started the interests continental railroad he did not know where the money was coming from. the money is there. we have the capability in california, a two trillion annual economy. >> j.r stone has been following this story and joins us now. >>j.r: there is more funding there right now. other states have said we are not interested. the question comes a long- term, where is the money down the road? >> for some of these farmers will have a l
through a roof and walnut creek. reggie kumar. >> this large piece of ice was facing the backyard. " it's a deadly, this happened on the friday july 13th. she was saying that her cat was getting stuck under the house and her toilet was overflowing it is expected that it was going 90 mph! >> it scared the daylights out of me. it was a huge piece of ice the size of a baseball. i was so relieved that my children were not out here. it was traveling at such a fast rate. airplanes can sometimes drop by but it was a lot different. i did notice there was a very pungent smell. the ice was clear. there was no color. it almost. i do not want to say that it smelled like ammonia but it was definitely strong and i washed my hands several times. i just threw it in the bushes. >> the was no noticeable damage on their roof. reggie kumar, kron4. >>mark: a similar incident in fremont that a chunk of ice did act to cause damage. no injuries and that incident, either. federal aviation still investigating. >>daria: the sky is falling d w i charges for kidd, driving drunk. and the southampton, n.y. leaving a
their home. however, they have been able to somewhat save money by purchasing a home. reggie kumar, kron 4. >> investigators in lake county are trying to get more details of the human mass grave in the cow mountain area up related to the speed freak killers. they are accused of a methamphetamine and deuced killing spree in the 19 80s and 1990's. >> j. r. stone. of course we are waiting to hear because we need more details. >> details on where a possible mass graves is at the cow mountains. the death row inmate, shermantine coulde reveal the contents of the least 13 people cured the scherer describes the area. >> id is there a large. that an area is very large. people even hunt with miles and miles of trails. >> in fact, hunting is exactly what they used to do now the sheriff wants more answers. >> if you could provide more information to investigators. >> we will be following that story and let you know once we have more information. we will take a quick break. giving you a quick look. and over the bay you can seacoast city lights and a good marine layer. you can clights welcome back. zimm
fourth and howard. that is where 200 gal. of the vegetable oil spilled onto the road. reggie kumar is live on the scene. >> san francisco public works is still out here cleaning up the mess. they did bring in a street sweeper to clean of the rest of the cooking oil that was left on the pavement. absorbent was also placed on the street to soak up the cooking oil. a this is what the scene of both like earlier. one of the straps that holds the cooking will container broke causing the content of this bill and to the intersection and forth and power. if that one. only one line was open for traffic. that has changed. >> one woman was injured and treated, one woman was killed after a fight and they tumbled out of the particles. >> a group of 11 were on the party bus just before midnight on fridays. the bus was headed from the shoreline amphitheater headed back to santa cruz. faugh the woman died here along highway 17. here's a closer look at the scene, just north of where highway 9 intersects with highway 17. police say to women were fighting and somehow the doors to the us open and the t
two women were assaulted reggie kumar shows where it happened. >> reporter: deputy said to fear the victims were sitting in a parked car here. this is in between macy's that is located right here and nordstrom. further down in this direction you can see it. just before 5:30 a.m., to african-american female suspect approached the women threaten them with a knife and then took off with their purses and started running through the parking structure. they believe the female left in a dark colored suv. >> i am completely stopped. >> reporter: the first suspect is described as a black female of don't with curly hair she had tattoos on her arms and was wearing a strapless denim jumpsuit. the second suspect was described as a black female with the same age and height. >> reporter: police said the suspects were captured by surveillance camera. right now they're trying to identify the suspects. >> justine: 4 people were shot in return in the first happened at 9:30 p.m. yesterday about a half hour later a second shooting was reported, a 28 year-old man was wounded and then taken to hospit
, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >>pam: more than 100 san francisco firefighters ride within minutes. tonight to people under arrest. the boat >> police have arrested a homeless man >> neighbors have complained about squatters for year and now looks like some of them are homeless themselves. >> and and >>j.r.: of what is that at the way and look off into the distance. you can see some of the damage that this fire has done. he can see the charred buildings. that damage is estimated to be at $1 million. there is a man in jail as of this because these the tin suspects that were arrested in reference to the fire. there will let be facing in the charge of restless arson. this is not the first time there was problems at its location. this is been written up for code violation more than a dozen times. the owner already faces more than $16,000 $16,000 and previo for not registering this house as they get in not seeing an up against squatters. >> and and in 2009, squatters were believed to be living there as well >> police have responded to at least one squatter complain in the past. they d
of a teenager that daughter still in shock about what happened his mother and stepfather only spoken thus--reggie kumar. >>anchor: the 17 year-old was a waiter and his family restaurant he worked late shift and was on his way home when the accident happened. his mother is in disbelief that her little boy is gone and his stepfather cannot believe the driver left the scene after the collision. >> he was really my support system my rock it is really devastating when i wish this on anyone. he was just the best a good person to be around in a good friend to have. >> a weekp call himooh-- called him pooh. >> i just cannot believe that this happened. that someone will leave the scene like that. we should be able to find out whether or not he was drunk. >>anchor: tonight we will hear some of his friends speak of him and what he was recently featured in a local newspaper. >> james: we will take a break of first you want to give you a little bit more before we go. this is the walnut creek camera. not that starr will be right back. >> justine: the deputies are investigating a shooting and stabbing that h
started with a faulty wire. in vallejo, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> we are learning more about james holmes. law enforcement are under a court order to remain silent. however, new details are emerging that suggests that he could have had it in his plans ahead of time it. >> dispatcher: there is a shooting. >> and now there is a word that he has described his plans in detail multiple news outlets are reporting that the former neuroscience graduate student accused of killing 12 people in a colorado movie theater sent a notebook to his university containing scribblings of stick figures being shot. citing unnamed law enforcement sources, fox news' website reported that james holmes sent the notebook to the school in a package that sat in a university of colorado, denver, mail room since at least july 12. it wasn't found until monday. >> if it is the professor that is believed to be it is something that it taught a series of courses that he attended including of neurological disorders and ironically, schizophrenia. fox said the notebook contained drawings of stick figures being shot. nbc
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